Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Disclaimer: I do not work for Christian Dior.  These are only my opinions. 

 When a song gets stuck in my head it really gets stuck.  Stuck to the point where I have to find the song, download it and listen to it all the way through.  Then play it over and over again mercifully until I can recite every last word at nauseam.  So the recent song that has invaded my brain is Heavy Cross by the band Gossip off their recent album Music for Men.  Never heard of it? You have. It is in the Christian Dior commercial with Charlize Theron. The song has an upbeat drive that you can't help but like.
  In the commercial three Hollywood icons are digitized- Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe.  The commercial does a beautiful job at representing the nostalgia, sophistication and glamor that applies to these icons.  It truly speaks to the legacy these icons have created and I've enjoyed seeing them presented in a fresh way. Although I find this commercial's concept creative, I wonder if we rely too much on icons of the past instead of creating new ones? So many songs, movies, TV shows are remakes. Often I'll listen to a song or see a movie I really like and get disappointed that it is a remake.  Some remakes are better, some sadly not.   There are new ideas, new concepts that many artists are longing to share.   Comments/thoughts....

Here is a necklace a la Marilyn Monroe/Grace Kelly Style

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