Thursday, June 12, 2014

Creative Ideas for Wearing Vintage Brooches

Here is my long list of creative uses/ideas for vintage brooches. If you have additional ideas post them below in the comments!

1. On a scarf
2. At your waist, on a belt
3. On the lapel
4. At the throat of a high necked blouse
5. Turn brooches into hair clips
6. Create a choker with a brooch.
7. Wear in the center of a strapless gown's bodice.
8. Pin to a jacket without buttons.
9. Turn a handful of beautiful brooches into a bridal bouquet.
10. Attach a curtain.
11. Place on top of a napkin at a place setting.
12. Have them framed.
13. Top special gifts with a bow and a brooch.

If you are looking for vintage brooches-