Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vintage Jewelry in Your Modern Fashion

Do you have a beautiful vintage piece sitting in your jewelry box just waiting for you to wear? Maybe you have a collection of pieces but have no idea how to put them together in an outfit.  You don't want to look like you dressed up for Halloween.  If you ever wondered how to incorporate those cute vintage pieces into your style then read below for some easy ideas.

One thing to keep in mind when incorporating vintage jewelry into your style is to utilize your existing wardrobe.  

Pearls:  Pearls are timeless, classic and elegant.  The modern way to utilize those vintage pearls is to layer them.  Different colors, different lengths and several strands for a chunky look.  Whether you pair them with that little black dress or use them to "dress up" that plain colored shirt you can't go wrong.

Brooches:  Brooches are probably my favorite type of vintage jewelry.  There are so many designs and styles the possibilities are endless. A scarf draped around the neck with a large singular brooch can be stunning.  A brooch that would work for this can be seen here:
Vintage Goldtone Flower Leaf Pin Purple, Green, Pink

Brooches look especially beautiful on jean jackets and blazers.  Bring some feminine sparkle with a piece like the one below.

Vintage Antiqued Silver Flower Pin

A unique way to utilize a brooch is on a mailbag or handbag. Choose a sturdy piece like the one below to adorn it.

Vintage Goldtone Americana Eagle Pin

Earrings:  Vintage earrings are often large and sparkly.  One might think the look is outdated.  However you can still wear these earrings in this modern day if you keep them as the main  statement.  If you choose to accessorize, do so minimally.  Here is a great pair for that.

Vintage Coro Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Earrings

Bracelets:  Vintage bracelet styles are back in fashion.  The chunkier the better.  Layered or not.
Again, when wearing vintage pieces remember to choose the ones you wish to highlight. Remember, you don't need to wear every piece you have in one outfit!

2 1980s Chunky Bracelets

Necklaces:   Lastly vintage necklaces can really accent your outfit.  If the necklace has a pendant consider changing out the chain for different lengths and colors.  Bright colored blouses showcase these necklaces best.  However, jeans and a t-shirt paired with a beautiful necklace can really give you an updated look. The one below would look great with jeans and a white t-shirt.

Vintage Wooden Goldtone 70s Style Retro Rectangular Necklace

 In a sense when we wear vintage jewelry we are displaying and preserving history. I've always felt that the designs of vintage jewelry and the quality are often better than jewelry made of recent years.  If you have any other tips please share them in the comments!

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